what is social influence?

Social influence (SI) -> efforts by one or more persons to change behavior, attitude, perceptions and beliefs of one or more others.

Persuasions-> efforts to change behavior or attitude through the usage of message.

There are three types of SI.
Conformity (Keakuran kepada kelompok)
- a type of SI in which persons change behavior/attitude on their own to fulfill social norms.
- originated from pressure to follow social norms.

(2)Compliance (Kepatuhan kepada permintaan orang lain)
- a type of SI in which persons change behavior/attitude in response to other's direct request

(3)Obedience (Ketaatan kepada pihak berkuasa)
- a type of SI in which persons obeys a direct order from another to perform an action.

There are 3 factors affecting compliance
a) Cohesiveness
- the degree of attraction felt by an individual toward some groups.
if cohesiveness increase, the pressure toward conformity increasing also.

b) Size of group- the no of persons exerting in SI.
as groups size increasing, conformity increase too.

c) Type of Social Norms
(i) Destructive-
indicate what the most people do in a given situation
- based on perception of others, frequency of behavior, observation on how people behave in discrete situation.
- help to strengthen prosocial behavior.
(ii) Injuctive-indicate what ought to be done (what people feels is right)
- based on perceived approval by behavior and represent perceived moral rules of the peer groups.
- help to strengthen behavior in situation where people not behave in social beneficial ways.

SOCIAL NORMs- rules indicating how people are expected to behave in certain situation
(i) EXPLICIT- written, precise, and details
(ii) IMPLICIT- unwritten, unspoken, influenced by current and rapidly standard change of dress, speech and personal grooming.

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